Internship proposal: Sensing ultrasound localization microscopy (sULM)


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Internship type

MSc 2nd year or last year of engineering school

Duration and start

Six month starting early 2023

Geographical location

Laboratoire d’Imagerie Biomédicale (LIB) – 15 rue de l’école de médecine 75006 Paris


The Laboratoire d’Imagerie Biomédicale develops super-resolution 3D ultrasound for intracerebral imaging applications. This approach is based on the imaging of ultrasound scatterers circulating in blood vessels, their sub-wavelength localization and their tracking in order to reconstruct a 3D image that can potentially help the diagnosis of many diseases involving the microcirculation [Chavignon et al. 2022]. Among other things, we are developing a new portable neuroscanner that could potentially contribute to the rapid diagnosis of strokes.

ULM Chavignon

Échographie super-résolue cérébrale (ULM, tirée de la thèse d’Arthur Chavignon 2021)

sULM kidney

Super-resolution ultrasound of the human kidney using the sULM technique (Denis et al. IEEE IUS 2022)

Recently, we proposed super-resolution ultrasound with micrometric sensors (sensing ULM or sULM) which makes it possible to classify the individual behavior of microbubbles independently of their movement and thus observe the local forces and anatomy of the microcirculation. This implies being able to measure their position at the micrometric scale as well as other characteristics of their echoes. This technique has allowed us to reveal the glomeruli in the human kidney in the clinic.

During this internship, we want to expand the approach to include more properties of microbubbles in order to describe their local environment more precisely. To do this, we will be able to use preclinical data in 3D ULM on several organs.

Couture, O., Hingot, V., Heiles, B., Muleki-Seya, P., & Tanter, M. (2018). Ultrasound localization microscopy and super-resolution: A state of the art. IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control, 65(8), 1304-1320.

Chavignon, A., Hingot, V., Orset, C., Vivien, D., & Couture, O. (2022). 3D transcranial ultrasound localization microscopy for discrimination between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke in early phase. Scientific reports, 12(1), 1-11.

Louise Denis, Walid Aissani, Sylvain Bodard, Vincent Hingot, Jean-Michel Correas, Olivier Hélénon, Gilles Renault, Franck Lager, Olivier Couture, “Multiscale Ultrasound Localization Microscopy in the kidney” IEEE IUS 2022


The intern will have the following tasks:

  • Understand the acquisition and post-processing to obtain 3D ULMs
  • Expand the parameters of the echoes from the bubbles taken into account in the 3D ULM
  • Participate in in-vivo studies
  • Define new forms of sULM imaging

Expected competences

  • Theory and practice in ultrasound and signal processing
  • Theory and practice in biomedical engineering,
  • Writing and exchanges in English,
  • Willingness to evolve within multiple research environments (medical imaging laboratory) and multiple fields (acoustics, biomedical, in-vivo),
  • Tropism for applied research.

It is not required to master all these concepts perfectly but to want to understand them and use them quickly.


Internship gratification


Olivier Couture – olivier.couture[at]