Nonlinear echography imaging

Contrat industriel  (partenariat EDF R&D)

Date de début : 1er Aout 2014  (fin du contrat 1er Septembre 2015)

Porteur du projet au sein du LIB : Sylvain HAUPERT

Partenaires financiers : EDF R&D

Collaborateurs scientifiques sur le projet  :

Description du projet :

Fast and reliable sizing of cracks is of interest, in particular for hazard monitoring of civil engineering constructions (e.g. dam, bridge, oil pipelines), or for non-destructive testing (NDT) of metallic structures (e.g. railway tracks) and composite structures (e.g. wings of aircrafts). The major issue is the sizing of the (partially-) closed part of the cracks or visualization of microcracks, as they remain invisible to conventional linear ultrasonography. The goal of the project is to investigate several nonlinear ultrasonic techniques known for their sensitivity to closed cracks, and to compare their ability (and sensitivity) to determine the total crack length, including its open and closed parts.


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