Waves and waveform imaging in virtual and experimental environments

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an innovative training network of the European Union

Project duration :

  • 4 years

Start :

  • february 2015

WAVES is a Marie-Curie innovative training network, such as WAVES, provides funding for a number of graduate students working on related research projects within a new and expanding field. Their doctoral studies are co-supervised by a number of partner institutions around Europe. WAVES specifically involves the multidisciplinary applications of the physics of wave propagation and wave-based imaging in fields as diverse as bio-medical imaging, seismology, acoustics, resource exploration.

More information at http://www.waves-itn.eu/en/index.html

The specific WAVES project to which LIB is participating is “Bio-inspired acoustic source localization”


Many animals use audition as their primary tool to navigate, communicate, and hunt. The accuracy and efficiency with which they complete those tasks indicate that they can use full-waveform information very effectively. Co-supervisor Catheline and co-workers as well as other authors have started to develop acoustic localization and imaging devices functioning with very few transducers combined with an acoustic cavity. We shall build on those efforts to design an algorithm that mimics the ear-brain system found in nature. We shall further explore, via numerical modeling, the specific role of bone conduction in source localization.
Expected Results: The student, working at UPMC in close collaboration with INSERM, will generate synthetic data and evaluate the sensitivity of different metrics to changes in source location, eventually identifying the most effective localization technique.

This project will be co-supervised at UPMC by Lapo Boschi (ISTEP) and Quentin Grimal (LIB)