Post-doctoral fellowship in preclinical photoacoustic imaging of nanovectors

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A postdoctoral fellow appointment is available at the Laboratory of Biomedical Imaging in collaboration with Institut Galien Paris Saclay. The candidate will work on the ANR funded project “Control of the optical Absorption Properties of nanovectors for PHOTOACoustic imaging – CAP-PhotoAc”. More specifically, she/he will image the biodistribution of labeled drug nanovectors at the site of inflammation in 3D and in high spatial resolution with photoacoustic imaging, and will correlate the biodistribution with the therapeutic outcome. The project involves the formulation and characterization of nanoparticles, and longitudinal in vivo experimental studies on murine models to monitor their accumulation and evaluate therapeutic efficiency.

The applicant will work on a multidisciplinary project interacting with researchers in physics and chemistry, as well as biologists in small animal imaging platforms.

Download the proposal here.