Publication – équipe PPM

The super-resolution ultrasound community continues to expand. In our view, the best encouragement for this growth is to share as much as possible our methods and results so that many groups can reproduce Ultrasound Localization Microscopy experiments. This way, this technique will spread to other fields and find many new applications that we could not imagine ourselves. It will also improve far beyond our current implementation.

We are happy to share this article, which compares several localization approaches and propose algorithms to accelerate them, but also metrics to compare them. They are assessed on tens of Gb of in-silico and in-vivo data. These algorithms, metrics and data are all openly shared in a github and a Zenodo. We also have plenty of supplementary figures, as they could not fit in a conventional article format.

A graphical-user interface called LOTUS is also provided to please those who prefer looking at pretty pictures rather than coding. It’s designed for the technique to be exploited by researchers outside of the ultrasound field. So, don’t forget to share.